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Something Rachel recalls her father telling her as a young girl resonates to this day as the moment when she understood her passion was writing. After elaborating on a death-defying day at preschool he noted, "Rachel, you're going to get in trouble a lot for lying if you don't admit these are stories." Her first tale was scribbled at nine, at a rambling length her teacher tried to contain to no avail.

As she progressed through school Rachel soaked up as much writing knowledge as she could and applied it to the young adult fantasy series she has been working on for the past ten years. The majority of its tangible writing was completed under the dim light of her dorm room at the University of Rhode Island where she earned her BA in English.

Studying the varied writing disciplines transformed her lifelong interest from a hobby to a professional investment. Through internships and work experience, she discovered the opportunities for using her passion stretched from teaching to marketing. Having maintained Dean's List standing for over half of her university career, Rachel graduated cum laude in May 2011.

If her time is not spent writing, she enjoys a critical view of stories told on the small and silver screen or reading her favorite genres. She often finds inspiration in food and nature and as such, enjoys the culinary arts and is a proud animal lover. Rachel is a globally conscious woman who enjoys the thrill of traveling. Above all else, she is determined to leave her mark on the world.

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